Good for Nothing


Camp Nothing

Camp Nothing, Huh?

Gathering the smartest changemakers and creative misfits From across the land

Recruiting 50 smart folk from 15 UK cities

  • Social Innovators
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Communicators
  • Change makers
  • Do-ers

People who make things happen.

  • 48 hrs in a beautiful secret location
  • Rebel Alliance Bootcamp
  • Learning by doing
  • Creative Collaboration
  • ‘Live’ challenges
  • Accelerating the work of Social Entrepreneurs and change-makers
  • Coaching and Mentoring from GFN team
  • Learning how to use the GFN toolbox and wiki
  • Inspiring talks, food and music

New GFN chapters leaders head back to their hoods

And launch their own GFN communities in 15 more places across England and Wales by the end of 2013

Supported by the GFN Mothership

Camp Nothing is a project to catalyse and kickstart 15+ new Good for Nothing chapters across England and Wales.

Good for Nothing (GFN) is spreading through local chapters set up and run by changemakers, innovators and creative misfits at a local city level. Cultivating communities of do-ers and innovators trying to solve stuff that really matters. Currently there are chapters in London, Bristol, Brighton and Manchester in the UK.

Camp Nothing will run at a beautiful secret location in England. New chapter leader recruits will work with leading social entrepreneurs on live challenges, learn the GFN creative collaboration approach through doing, and be mentored by the founders, other chapter leaders and members of the core community

You will leave equipped to start GFN chapters in your hood - tooled up, trained up, ready to run all the different GFN formats and kickstart your local GFN community.

Camp Nothing will also involve inspiring talks, good food, music and fun!

It will cost nothing and it will be good.


GFN started as an experiment in london in 2010, a cultivation of many dissatisfactions.

An uncomfortable awareness of the deep systemic issues caused by the legacy of a materials-led industrial growth obsessed society. A numbing of hearts and minds.

A frustration at the amazing creative talents pointed at pumping the endless novelty of the production//consumption commercial landfill machine.

But also inspired by the hope and optimism of grassroots innovators working on solutions to big social and environmental issues, and doing it with zero resources.

We asked, what might happen if we mixed these networks up?

GFN is an experimental movement in what could be. Manifested through time-constrained, challenge-based experiences, which bring together diverse skills and perspectives, to accelerate the work of these grassroots pioneers.

GFN takes ego out of the room, flourishes on self organisation and says how much can you make happen? How much can you give?

It’s spreading with nearly 2000 Goodfornothingers and 4 UK chapters with more starting overseas.

I’m in, I wanna start a chapter, what next?

So you want to start GFN in your hood and attend Camp Nothing, hit the ‘apply here’ button on the right, answer the questions and we will be in touch

If you are up for starting GFN in your hood and attending Camp Nothing, first thing to do is to answer these few questions and we will be in touch shortly.

A GFN chapter ideally needs a crew of 2-4 founders to spread the load and make it work.

Diverse skills is good, creativity, getting shit done, web and digital trickery, social innovation/sustainability. So encourage others and/or apply on your own.

There are many formats to make GFN work in your hood, a 3 hour GFN in a Pub to full-blown 24 and 48 hr gigs. There are also digital ways to do GFN and more stuff coming…

Once you’ve attended Camp Nothing, you will need to start your local chapter before the end of 2013. We have lots of tools to help you make that happen.

Then to keep the chapter running you will need to host a minimum of 2 gigs each year as well as a few socials.

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